How is Your School Year Going?

Hello Friends!  How is your school year going so far?  I just finished up my second week of the school year and although I love my kiddos, I am feeling majorly overwhelmed.

Photo Courtesy of Mingo Hagen of Flickr and used via a Creative Commons License

This cat totally says it all.  My class size has gone up to 22 and so far, my kids are super sweet and awesome.  However, they are really have a hard time adjusting to my rules, expectations, and routines.  They are especially struggling with talking - and all the constant talking is driving me insane!

But we've made a little progress and I think we will have to spend another week or so practicing our rules and routines and I'm going to have to lay down the law a bit more. But we will get there.

Luckily, I have my awesome co-workers at school giving me real advice and help.  Plus - I have the fabulous world of Periscope to give me inspiration, keep me positive, and find new strategies to help manage the room.

So... how is your school year going teacher friends?